Beyers Maple Farm

Raw Honey

We typically harvest our honey the first to second week of October. The bees were very generous in their honey making capabilities this year and we are thrilled with how phenomenal it turned out.
Bees are known to travel 3-4 miles from their hive to find suitable sources of food. We provide as many flowers as possible for them so they don't need to travel very far. Our light golden honey is made from the pollen and nectar from trees, wildflowers and herbs growing on our land and include (but are not limited to) maple, apple, clover, calendula, lavender, echinacea, mint and goldenrod. We never use toxic/synthetic pesticides, herbicides or insecticides. Our honey is considered "beyond organic" and is bottled without warming it so the honey remains raw and the nutrients are preserved. Honey will keep for years at room temperature. Crystallization occurs naturally over time and honey can easily be brought back to a liquid state by warming the entire jar in a bowl of warm water.  Never microwave honey as it will destroy the nutrients that are naturally found in honey.
As of January 2019, we are now selling our honey products at Thorpe's Organic Family Farm Store!
You may purchase it there or you may give us a call to place an order (716) 655-4127. We will add you to our list and contact you when your order is ready. Shipping is available at additional costs.

We offer honey in the following sizes:
1 lb. jar -$11
2 lb. jar- $19
2.5 lb jar- $24

1 lb. jar- $11

2 lb. jar- $19

2.5 lb jar- $24
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Frames inside the extractor. The extractor spins and all the honey drips out into a bucket.
Pure Honey running out of the extractor.