Beyers Maple Farm

Herbal Preparations

We now offer herbal tinctures, salves and balms that are handmade with Beeswax from our hives. The ingredients I source come from my own farm, Thorpes Organic Farm, Mountain Rose Herbs and Bulk Apothecary. 
Our Beeswax is also used to make candles. Beeswax candles purify the air without harmful chemicals and leave a subtle scent that's relaxing.

I'll be adding more products as I make them so check here periodically for updates. I'm also open to making custom formulas for folks who know what ingredients they need and I can craft it for them.
Calendula Salve

Ingredients: *Calendula infused with *sweet almond oil, *beeswax
*Denotes Organic ingredients

Uses: skin problems, wounds, cuts, rashes, bites, stings, chapped lips, acne

1 oz. $14
2 oz. $22
Aches and Pains Balm

Ingredients: *Castor oil, *Tamanu Oil, *arnica, *comfrey, *dandelion, infused with *sweet almond oil, Tei Fu Essential Oil Blend, *beeswax
*Denotes Organic ingredients

Uses: eases sore muscles, achy joints, rub on temples for headache/migraine relief

1 oz. $14
2 oz. $22
The beautiful, bright orange Calendula flowers used in my herbal preparations are hand picked weekly in the summer from both our home and Thorpes Organic Family Farm, which is located just up the road from us. Then I spread the flowers out onto a screen for a few weeks to dry and store them in a lidded jar for later use in herbal salves, balms, teas, salads, soups and broths.
Calendula is an edible herb and has many medicinal properties including vulnerary (wound healing), antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, and cleanses the lymphatic system. It is known as an aid for healing minor wounds, acne, rashes, stings, bites, chapped lips, dry, cracked skin, diaper rash, ulcers, fungal issues and internally as a tea it's helpful for treating gastrointestinal problems. 
Herbal infused oil soaking in the sun. Once finished, will be mixed with our beeswax and crafted into salves and balms.