In 2018 the Stephen Siller Tunnel 2 Towers Foundation gutted and renovated our entire home to make it into a Smart Home and completely wheelchair accessible for Mark's needs. You can find our story through their website here...
Please consider donating to this amazing foundation. They've helped us in tremendous ways and we would love to see other Injured Service Members and Emergency Personnel receive Smart Homes like they so generously gave to us.
 The Semper Fi Fund has helped us immensely over the years and continues to help us and other Injured Marines throughout our country. If you would like to donate to the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund, go to
We would like to give a special shout out and a huge "Thank You" to the Farmer Veteran Coalition, The Bob Woodruff Foundation and Newmans Own Foundation for helping us to enhance our Maple Syrup business by providing us with the funds for new and updated equipment. We are so grateful for organizations like you who take care of Veterans like us. 
Check out this video that we were featured in for Stand 4 Heroes-
In 2008 Homes for our Troops helped us to renovate some of our home to make it more handicapped accessible so Mark can get around with greater ease. Thank you Homes for Our Troops for your support and generosity! To check out our story go to
Please consider making a donation to them. Donations will help future homes to be built or renovated to wounded Marines and Soldiers in need.
Thank you to Charlie Vancheri, our Marine brother who kindly designed our logo for us.
His contact info is: